Market with Video

Serving 7 billion monthly ads, Extraordinary Media delivers targeted traffic for video advertising, Youtube Video marketing, viral video seeding and video ad promotions.

The average Major Brand has 13.2 NEGATIVE results for their name in the top 20 listings on YouTube – the second largest search engine in the world.

We provide GUARANTEED Video Seeding – getting your videos ranked in an ethical, legitimate & cost effective manner.

Extraordinary Media works with Fortune 500 companies, political organizations and agencies to exponentially increase the number of views you receive.

You benefit from both the direct exposure and the subsequent organic benefits of this process.

Look to your right, and enter your brand into the YouTube Brand Checker . . . What do you see?

Videos near the top have more views, likes and comments. Video seeding is the process to jumpstart your video, so it will be included in the rankings and benefit from this organic traffic.

Compounding YouTube Honors Benefits.

In addition, if your video generates a surge of views within the first two days, your video can be featured on the YouTube Honors charts – reaching up to 75 million organic views daily.

For larger campaigns, we can seed your videos to rank on YouTube Honors charts, which can generate hundreds of thousands of additional targeted organic views.

Peace of mind this is done in a brand-safe process.

We have tested hundreds of thousands of publishers, social networks, and online communities, and have identified the process to deliver the greatest engagement, interaction, and return on investment.

We get your videos seen, shared and talked about and deliver consistent, repeatable and brand-safe results . . . guaranteed.

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