Long Tail Reach

Turned this into a benefit for our clients of lower costs for quality, cost-effective and ethical online distribution for their promotions

We Deliver High Quality

We deliver high quality, cost-effective, targeted traffic because we specialize in data analytics.

Extraordinary Media delivers targeted traffic to brands, political organizations and agencies for their online videos, Facebook Pages, competitions, contests, websites and events.

We’re able to do this in a unique and cost effective manner because we specialize in data analytics and process management for sourcing traffic from the “long tail” of the Internet.

Over 54.5% of Internet Traffic

Over 54.5% of Internet traffic goes to the “long tail.”

There are over 8.52 billion indexed pages on the Internet. How do you advertise on sites that have quality traffic? How do you advertise on sites that are reflective of the standards of your brand? How do you effective manage advertiser ad compliance? How do you effectively track results per site?

Most advertisers don’t know:

Average CPC Price @ Google = $3.50
Average CPC price for small publishers = $0.14

Extraordinary Media

Extraordinary Media delivers targeted traffic for your promotions.

Our team has spent over 55 person-years building proprietary models and technologies to monitor, analyze, record, and compare traffic sources on over 485,295 websites and domains.

We’ve built:

Quality scoring analytics on over 7 billion ads per month
Proprietary Site Ethics Scoring
Comprehensive metrics tracking
Website ROI analysis dashboard

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