Ethical Distribution

We have been providing video marketing services and seeding videos for brands, political organizations and agencies since 2008.

Our campaigns have promoted videos and online content to hundreds of millions of people over the last few years in a brand-safe manner.

The Extraordinary Media team has spent years refining our data analytics and proprietary models to promote online videos, activities, events and websites. We have tested hundreds of thousands of websites, and have one of the best technologies for comparing traffic by quality, effectiveness and return on Investment.

We use ethical and guideline compliance methods. Our process generates highly targeted video views for your promotions and campaigns.

Your videos are promoted in relevant channels that are proven to work, including high-impact vertical sites specific for your targeting criteria.

As specialists in data analytics, we have built a proprietary process to determine a Site’s Ethic Score. We use this scoring to ensure that our client’s brands are brand-safe.

This score is generated from over 114 data points including the domain name, website, ad zone, layout and delivered traffic and allows us to tap into the benefits of the long tail of the Internet and side-step the pitfalls.

Our network, volume and depth allow us to provide high quality results from almost any region in the world. Most of our traffic comes from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, but we are also able to provide quality traffic from any region of the world.

We’re data analytics fanatics. We provide our clients frequent, detailed reporting on all aspects of your campaign so you can confirm that everything is done exactly as expected.

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